About Me

Brett KarnsBrett Karns has been in the field of real estate practically his entire life. At the age of 15, an intern in his father’s office, Brett was introduced to a vocation that would ultimately become his passion. While attending college for a degree in Business, Brett concurrently obtained his real estate license, and thus began his 21 year career. However, selling homes wasn’t Brett’s truest passion. Well-before it was trending to “flip” houses, Brett purchased his first home (at the age of twenty one) and after remodeling the entire property he sold the home for profit. Brett would do this 11 more times throughout his twenties, honing his now signature style and building a respected reputation.

On the forefront of home development in the Los Angeles area, Brett was poised to make his entrance, but his growing celebrity clientele, and reputation for being a top selling agent would successfully keep Brett selling homes for well over a decade. It wasn’t until 2009, when Brett met his now business partner Todd West, that a mutual love for real estate development would be the cause for change and the inception of WestKoast Properties, LLC- A boutique development firm emphasizing quality over quantity.

WestKoast Properties is currently thriving, with multiple new home projects throughout Los Angeles. Brett prides himself on his attention to detail and quality. Dedicated to building homes, where he personally would reside and perfecting an imperfect market is challenging for Brett and simultaneously satisfying. And it would appear his reputation once again precedes him, as WestKoast Properties homes are selling before they are even built- A true testament to the product, the vision and integrity of their body of work.

Best Regards,
Brett D. Karns
Operating Partner/WestKoast Properties, LLC